Web viewing systems for high-resolution images on a variety of printing machines

Modern printing machines enable higher printing speeds, higher throughput and higher efficiency. From a printing speed of 30 to 50 m/min the print quality can be judged visually only in a limited manner. The use of systems such as the proven ELSCAN is indispensable.


Sophisticated image processing, combined with two high-resolution cameras – offered by the ELSCAN web monitoring systems. They allow representation of printed images on moving webs with greatest detail and color fidelity. The cameras can be moved manually or via a motor to approach positions with the highest precision and display the corresponding images on the monitor.

All ELSCAN variants feature the patented "dualView" technology, using two cameras. The zoom or wide-angle lens is activated depending on the zoom level. During zooming, the system switches imperceptibly between the cameras. It is thus possible to display the printed images at multiple resolution. This unique, patented "dualView" concept allows lag-free zooming up to the highest resolution.


Areas of use

E+L web monitoring systems are primarily used on the following production systems: Label printing machines, offset printing machines, flexographic printing machines, gravure printing machines, rewinders, corrugated board plants.



The print image monitoring system can be mounted for webs with a horizontal direction of travel (above the web) and with a vertical direction of web travel. Here, the web must be fed with a constant web tension and with a constant web position.