• Triangulation Sensor with dual camera for the acquisition of various criteria on moving webs.
  • Can be used for position acquisition, web guiding, material detection, final check and width measurement.
  • Complete data processing within the camera

Product description
Technical Specifications
  SL 2362 SL2462
Measuring range  350 mm 450 mm
x-direction (width) 30 mm 30 mm
z-direction (thickness)    
Measuring distance  335 mm  
(to mid of measuring range)  
Resolution 0,1 mm 0,15 mm
x-direction (width) 0,001 mm 0,001 mm
z-direction (thickness)    
Measuring accuracy +/- 0,2 mm  
x-direction (width) +/- 0,1 mm  
z-direction (thickness)    
Max. scan rate 40 Hz  
Laser class Class 2  
Laser wavelength 660nm  
Interfaces: Power supply: M12, 8-pol  
Cable specification: E+L mat. no. 387328 or comparable
Gigabit ethernet: RJ45 (IP54)
Cable specification: E+L mat. no. 390889 or comparable
Weight 9 kg  
Protection class IP 54  
Ambient temperature +10 bis +40 °C  
Dimensions (Sensor) 265 x 160 x 85 mm  
Operating voltage Nominal value 24 V DC  
Power consumption 18 W