Compensating roller ELCORR

Product description
  • Compensates thickness, length.and alignment differences
  • Unique web tension distribution optimizes the heat transfer at the pre-heater and the glue application in the glue unit
  • Quality increase due to optimized flatness
  • Reduction of machine stops in the converting due to optimized flatness
  • No extra force transmission
  • Best possible web tension distribution in cross directon of the of the web
  • Best possible, unique heat transfer from one heated roller to the web
  • No incorrect setting possible
  • Particularly effective between the machine areas pre-heater, pre-conditioner and glue unit
Technical Specifications
Roller hub +/- 10 mm
Working width [mm] min. 400 – max. 3.300 mm
Web tension

2.000 N with 30° wrap angle

1.500 N with 30°- 90° wrap angle

1.000 N with 90° - 120° wrap angle

Ambient temperature 10° – 70° C
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